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    As a Jew, I have been thinking about this subject, most recently because of the July/August Gaza war.  I believe that that war was a public relations success for Hamas and the Palestinians, and as far as achieving that result they could not have done better.  

    Whilst I am in no way privy to the thinking of the Hamas leaders, I can of course have my own thoughts and I state them below.  So what happened?  

    Hamas started firing thousands of rockets into Israel with the intention of killing Israelis.  Not a neighbourly thing to do!  How did they expect the Israelis to respond?  Send them boxes of strawberries?  I dont think so.  

    So Israel responded with force and that is what Hamas were hoping for.  Now, cunning Hamas had sited their rocket launchers in or near habitation, knowing that Israel, who had to defend their own citizens, would attack those sites, and they would lose Palestinian lives.  Now, any one life is valuable, and the loss of over 2000 lives is dreadful.  But to Hamas it was great publicity success  for their cause.  “See what Israel has done, killed children, women, and men” people would say.

    Now the media came to their assistance of Hamas in a big way, in my view, particularly via TV news.  They showed the dreadful suffering in Gaza, broadcast a frequent count of the number of their deaths, also dreadful, but they omitted to show from where Hamas were firing their rockets, i.e., in or near to habitation.  I am unaware of any UK TV station showing this.  It would have been counterproductive to Hamas propaganda to do so.  Were the TV representatives ‘leant on’ by Hamas not to do so?  You'd have to ask Hamas.  Viewers would have been able to make a judgement as to why Israel responded as they did?  In fact they were responding to provocation by defending their citizens.

    Furthermore, Hamas had plenty of concrete to make shelters for their residents instead of building tunnels for offensive purposes.  Why did they not do so. You’d have to ask them!  

    I think Hamas planned the whole operation, and were very successful for the Palestinians, and particularly so in influencing world opinion in their direction.

    A major result the war has been an upsurge in anti-semitism in many countries  around the world and promoting the cause of the Palestinians through deceptive propaganda.  Hamas did not care enough for their own citizens.


    J Street not Pro-Israel says Ynet News

    (Ynet News)

    For a growing Jewish political lobby group that claims to represent Americans “who support Israel and its desire for security as the Jewish homeland,” J Street seems to be advocating the very opposite of those sentiments.

    A  look into J Street’s donor list and a quick review of the organization’s website clearly reveals a very questionable pro-Israel policy.

    According to the US Federal Election Commission, donors to J Street’s political action committee hail from forums aligned against Israel. J Street’s donors are affiliated with the National Iranian American Council, “Stop the Occupation”, AMIDEAST, the US State Department and the Arab American Institute -establishments not exactly known for pro-Israel views.

    Among the many private Jewish and Christian donors to J Street, there are also a number of Islamic and pro-Iranian activists, as well as Palestinian and Arab American businesspeople. One such example is Zahi Khouri, a major Palestinian businessman with a Coke franchise in the West Bank. Khouri actually decried Israel’s attempts towards economic peace with the Palestinians in an article he wrote in the New York Times on September 9.

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