Failed election of Euro-passive political correctness
Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 12:59PM
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Here we are-two days after the election with no real leadership and with world financial markets teetering in the most volatile way.

As a relatively minor story in today’s media, we are told that even though we are not in the Euro, Britain must pay several Billion pounds into a new European fund to prop up countries that are in the Euro.

When is Cameron going to act like a man and realise that the nouveau Conservative policy of political correctness on European integration is what has actually stopped the Conservatives getting that all important overall majority.

The Conservatives should not be wasting time talking about Proportional Representation and doing deals with the anti-zionist Liberals. Cameron should act resolutely and should be preparing a Queen Speech that proposes that we should give up our Euro-enthusiast legal obligations under the Lisbon Treaty so as to prevent the UK Taxpayer from being even more in debt to support this failed currency and the failed European federal model.

I suspect that this would be voted down by Labour and Libdems –which will then mean we have another election. Cameron will be free to go to the electorate with a less politically correct Euro passive agenda . The Conservatives have it within their grasp to step back from this failed European project NOW and protect British and anglo-jewish/israel interests.

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