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    The electorate voted with respect for Israel by booting Galloway out of Westminster

    Even though we have been left with a very ambiguous election result with an unprecedented "hung parliament," there is one result that most people in Britain may be pleased about.

    Without even showing up at the count, Galloway came third in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency and is now out of Westminster, This is the man who under the banner of the "Respect" Party, showed absolutely no respect to the State of Israel. 

    Driven by anti-zionist hatred and an extreme left wing agenda, George Galloway and the Respect Party had a disastrous election result with their share of the vote halving to around one tenth of one percent of all votes cast. As they say on their own website "there is no hiding from reality. The 2010 General Election was not a good day for Respect."

    Fortunately, with the removal of the Respect Party from the House of Commons and the Party's clear decline in popularity, Israel's enemies have endured another huge blow in their efforts to undermine Israel's right to exist.

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    Reader Comments (2)

    So anyone who is against Israels atrocities against the Palestinians is considered as a extremist and anti israel ? I think is Israel with its clear policites towards palestinian peoples destiny that is extremist and infact scarry cause this is concern for the whole world. Israel doesnt want the Palestinian people to be having a Destiny and its unfortunate because the Palestinian people lived side by side with Jewish people for Centuries now the so called state of Israel which is Terrorist political state defines itself peaceful? clear up your act and the world will see that your time of genocide and aparthied is comign to an end.
    May 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterloni avenger
    loni avenger
    Your comment doesn't make a lot of sense, we have just had an election in the UK and George Galloway failed to be re elected, the local electorate voted with "respect" for common decency and rejected Galloway's extremist ideas and his cozying up to terrorists . As to the rest of your comment, the Land Of Israel has had a Jewish presence going back over 5,000 years. You are mistaken or have been misinformed. there is no "Palestinian People", before 1964 there was no "Palestinian Arab" identity, the Arabs were Jordanians, Egyptians or Bedouin. Before 1967 Gaza was under Egyptian control, Israel gave it up in 2005 to the local population to control, it is now controlled by Hamas, an inrternationally proscribed terrorist organisation, preaching hatred of the Jews to its children, this culture is embedded within the education system, in its text books and its school curriculam.For years they were launching thousand upon thousand of missiles into southern Israel, until December 2009 when Israel took steps to reduce this actiivity. As for the areas east of the Jordan river, Judea and Samaria have an Arab presence controlled by Fatah, headed by the holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, this group is the remnants of the discredited PLO, a different faction with different ideology to Hamas, but with the joint aim of wanting to see the destruction of The State Of Israel.
    Again you are mistaken or have been misinformed, it is the Arabs themselves who practise genocide, the Iran Iraq war over 8-years with untold millions of Arabs killed, Iraq with its own internal genocide programme against the Marsh Arabs and the Kurds with chemical and bioligical weapons, Iran with its secret detentions and disapearances of thousands who speak out against the regime.
    Again you are mistaken or have been misinformed, Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy, there are Arab Members of it's Parliament, Arab Towns and Villages, Arab Universities and Arabs serving in it's Armed Forces.
    You need to educate yourself, change your views, look at the real situation and enter the modern world, give up supporting terrorism and support the only true Democracy in the entire Middle East, The State Of Israel.
    May 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjon_i_cohen

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