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    Iran trying to ascertain if they are ready for any possible attack

    Iran has announced it will conduct a weeklong round of air defense war games centered on the country’s nuclear sites as Western powers, especially the U.S., turn up the heat over Tehran’s nuclear program.

    The Wall Street Journal:

    State media quoted a senior air-defense commander saying the exercise, scheduled to start Sunday, was targeted specifically at training against potential missile and aircraft threats against the country’s nuclear facilities. Brig. Gen. Ahmad Miqani told state-run press on Saturday the exercise would be conducted with both the Iranian armed forces and the Islamic Revolutionary 

    Guard Corps over five days across a wide swath of northern, southern and western Iran.

    The exercise comes as the West significantly increases pressure on Tehran following Iran’s refusal so far to accept a nuclear-energy deal hammered out between Iranian negotiators and counterparts from the U.S., France, Russia and the International Atomic Energy Agency last month. The deal called for Iran to ship out the bulk of its low-enriched uranium, to be further enriched in Russia and returned to Iran for use in a medical research reactor.


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