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    The Settlement Myth

    The Free Dictionary by Farlex defines a settlement as "a collection of dwellings forming a community”

    “The settlements” in Judea and Samaria that the anti-israel media continually refer to,  are not settlements at all, they are towns and cities, established communities that have existed for many years with centres of substantial populations.

    For example:- Gilo established in 1967 as a South Western Suburb of Jerusalem with over 40,000 inhabitants. Maale Adumim established in 1976 now has City Status with over 33,000 inhabitants. Beitar Illit in the Gush Etzion block  established 1985 with over 34,800 inhabitants

    By comparison:-

    Radlett 8,000 inhabitants, a settlement in South West Hertfordshire. Elstree 3,000 inhabitants, a settlement in South West Hertfordshire. Grantham Lincolnshire established 1086 with over 34,500 inhabitants, a settlement in middle England. Newark established 1086 with over 25,000 inhabitants, a settlement in middle England.

    By using the word “settlement” the media and other misinformed parties try to conjure up a feeling of “tent cities” and radical activists moving in on areas pitching tents over night, when in fact they are nothing of the sort. They are established communities with entire infra-structures built in areas and on land that Israel is 100% legally entitled to build on.


     A Republican position expressed by Sarah Palin on Jewish"Settlements"


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