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    Netanyahu ridicules and attacks Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial-26th September 2009

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brandished at the U.N. on Thursday Nazi-era documents on the extermination of Jews, dramatically rebutting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust.


    "Yesterday, the man who called the Holocaust a lie spoke from this podium," Netanyahu said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly.

    "To those who refused to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you," he said.

    "But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere: Have you no shame? Have you no decency?" 

    Netanyahu held aloft two documents -- a copy of the minutes of the Wansee Conference, in which Nazi officials planned the Final Solution that led to the killing of six million Jews and the original blueprints of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps.

    He received the blueprints, discovered last year, during a visit to Germany in August.

    "They contain a signature by Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's deputy himself. Are these plans of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where one million Jews were murdered ... a lie, too?

    "And what of the survivors whose arms still bear the tattooed numbers branded on them by the Nazis? Are those tattoos a lie, too?" he asked.

    In his speech on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad accused Israel of "inhuman policies" in the Palestinian territories and suggested that Jews dominated world political and economic affairs.

    Netanyahu called the Iranian leader's remarks a "systematic assault on the truth" and accused him of "spewing ... anti-Semitic remarks."

    Several delegations, including that of the United States, left the hall around the time of Ahmadinejad's comments directed at Israel. The hall remained at least half full throughout the speech, which drew little reaction from delegates.

    Ahmadinejad has called for Israel's destruction. Israel has urged stronger international sanctions against Iran's nuclear program, which western nations believe is aimed at building an atomic bomb.


    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech on Quds Day - excerpts 18 Sep 2009

    On the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan, the Iranian president expresses his ideas and beliefs about Zionism ("criminal") and the Holocaust (a lie).

    The history of establishment of the ominous Zionist regime:
    Before the First World War, certain noises were made in order to organize an evil current to dominate the entire world. Using their colonial experiences, they plotted to dominate all nations and the world's material and intellectual properties.

    After the First World War…They provided an opportunity for the organizedcriminal Zionists and they rushed into Palestine. Under the cover of buying farms, gardens, and lands, they occupied a major part of the land by the use of weapons and carrying out massacres and assassinations. By the help of the British government and relying on her force, they displaced the people.

    Before the Second World War... In European countries, a complicated show started which was called anti-Semitism… They started a psychological war in order to make them (the Jews) escape to Palestine…

    Four or five years after the Second World War, all of a sudden they claimed that during this war, the Holocaust had occurred. They claimed that a few million Jews had been burned in the crematorium furnaces. They institutionalized two slogans. One was the innocence of the Jews. They used lies and very sophisticated propaganda and psychological ploys and created the illusion that they (the Jews) are innocent. The second goal was that they created the illusion that the Jews needed an independent state and government.

    I tell them that this issue which is very important and being used as an excuse to occupy a country and has caused a few wars, resulted in the displacement of millions of people and the death and injury of hundreds of thousands of people, families have been destroyed, and the whole Middle East region has lived with threats and instability. If this incident is so important, why don't you allow this issue to be declassified and studied so that the facts behind this issue are made clear to all nations?

    Today, Palestine is the most important world issue. If a war occurs in Iraq we believe that it is due to Zionist instigation. If a war occurs in Afghanistan it's due to Zionist instigation. If a suppression takes place in Sudan it is due to Zionist temptations. To tell you the truth, we believe all the arrogant and usurper plans are initiated by the Zionists.

    Where did anti-Semitism start? In Europe! Who initiated anti-Semitism? European officials and politicians!" They did this so they could force out a number of people from Europe and accommodate them in Palestine.

    They are all aimed at securing their domination over our region and the world. But they claim that they (the Zionists) have a right to an independent homeland. But what will happen if we accept this logic and grant this right to various races and populations around the world? I think before granting them these rights, the American Indians have to be granted this right. If we accept this logic, then 72 independent countries have to be established in Europe. Countries such as Russia have to be broken up. This logic lays the foundation of insecurity in the world and widespread wars in the world.

    Let's presume that we ignorantly accepted this logic in the case of the Jews. Now the question is: where should they be based? Who has oppressed them? Why should they be based in Palestine? Why shouldn't they be based in America, Canada, or Europe? Why do the Palestinians have to pay for the damage? You can't carry out a crime for which the Palestinian people and our regional countries have to pay the price.

    Every day the regional countries are threatened by the criminal Zionists, not just the countries of the region but the whole world are under the threat of the Zionists every day. They have made all the criminals of the world proud.

    My dear ones, the pretext used to establish the Zionist regime was a lie and a corrupt act. It was a lie based on a fabricated claim that cannot be proven (the Holocaust).

    This Zionist regime is an evil tree (referring to a story in the Koran) in the true sense of the word. Its roots, leaves, and trunk are all about crime, cruelty, and corruption against humanity. (Chants of ‘death to Israel’) It is very obvious that this fake regime was set up form the word go with the aim of colonizing and plundering. There was not the slightest humanitarian or logical wisdom in the preparations for setting up this regime. The existence of this regime means continuous threats, continuous insecurity, spread of the network of dominance and arrogance in the world.

    Countering this regime is a matter of belief, religious conviction, and an Islamic matter. Why? Because they have no religion whatsoever. It is a big lie to assume the Zionists on the same level as the Jews or Christians. They are neither Jews nor Christians, nor do they have any religion. They are against divine religions. They have come to destroy all the values brought by God's prophets.

    Look and you will notice that the Zionists are behind...the network of destruction of human values. They are symbols of lies, deceit, and grudges. They are against Christianity, Islam, and against Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. It is particularly important and a matter of belief for us Muslims to stand against them.

    The sheer existence of this regime is an insult to the greatness of mankind. They start the fabricated Holocaust story, tell lies, play roles, start the anti-Semitism move and then raise the flag of support for Jews.

    Today this regime (the Zionist government) is free to commit any crime. Children [in Gaza] are torn to pieces in the arms of their mothers… They (Israelis) ruin all religious sites.

    We believe that the colonialist and arrogant leaders started the Zionist movement. But something has also happened. I believe that by the formation of the world Zionist network the Zionists have now dominated the fate of European governments as well as the American Administration.

    In some European countries, the Zionists are exempted from paying taxes. Many Western media and networks, centers for publishing books and producing films are under the control of Zionists. The Zionists intend to gain control over the world. The world should know that Zionism is the complete image of racism in our era.

    Standing against this regime (Israel) is a national, Islamic and humane duty…[To the moderate Arab states] Make efforts not to be stamped with the disgrace of accompanying the most vicious criminals of history…I want to address the independent nations of the world. I want to tell them that the influence of the Zionist regime in any part of your culture, politics, and economy means that your independence is violated. They stick like ticks. Once they infiltrate, they will never stop.



    Iranian President Ahmadinejad addresses Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran

    5 Oct 2007
    Ahmadinejad said "Zionists" should move to empty lands in Europe or North America and out of the Middle East entirely.


    Iranian demonstrators drag an Israeli flag along the ground during a Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, addressing the Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran on Friday, October 5, 2007, reiterated his denial of the Holocaust and called for a referendum to remove the State of Israel from the Middle East. Following are excerpts from his remarks, as reported by IRNA, the Iranian news agency:

    "Why don't you let the black box of the World War II be decoded? We want to help you!" Ahmadinejad asked supporters of the Zionist regime while addressing ralliers in the International Qods Day rallies. "If the Western leaders are not members of the Zionist party, they should allow an international factfinding group decode the lack box," he added. 
    "Let us see what has happened and under what pretext they still commit crimes! They award the Zionist regime with a peace medal for its atrocities while attack a young Palestinian who is under full siege under the pretext of fight against terrorism. Nations should be allowed to conduct research on crimes of the Zionist regime and decode the black box for its atrocities," he added. "You have turned what you call Holocaust into a holy issue and do not let anybody raise any question about it."

    Ahmadinejad stated, "Events took place in the World War II. Later, they committed a historical genocide in Palestine. They ratified unlimited and holy rights for themselves and introduced all nations as criminals. They allowed themselves to commit whatever crimes under pretext of the Holocaust. They even built secret prisons in Europe... and attacked and imposed economic sanctions against a nation who did not officially recognize the Zionist regime."

    "The Iranian nation hates killing and considers Hitler and the executioners of the World War II as black and dark figures," he said. "But the Iranian nation has a question and as long as there is no clear and reasonable response to this question, it will remain."
    Ahmadinejad stated that creation of the Zionist regime, continuation of its existence, its performance and unlimited support for the regime (by the US) are an insult to human dignity and its destruction. "Defense for the ominous interests of the Zionist regime is a must for certain powers. Western governments who are pioneers of secularism pursue defense for the Zionist regime as the holiest task in the world," the president regretted.

    "Let a referendum be held in Palestine. It is our clear proposal to European countries," Ahmadinejad said. "Let all Palestinians including Muslims, Christians and the Jews attend the referendum," he added. 
    Ahmadinejad said "Zionists" should move to empty lands in Europe or North America and out of the Middle East entirely. "Europeans cannot tolerate the Zionists in their region and country, but they want to impose them on the people of the region... Give these vast lands of Canada and Alaska to them to create a country for themselves."