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    Fatah’s Navel Gazing

    At Fatah's conference, the "so called" moderate Mahmoud Abbas is quoted as saying that he is committed to peace but retains the "Armed Struggle" as an option; what is the term I am looking for? double-entendre? hypocrisy? cynicism?

    The Charter that calls for the destruction of Israel has not been rescinded neither has it been altered to take into account of the Oslo Accords - in other words it remains intact, as it has been since 1964, with the underlying agenda of the Palestinian leadership being the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. Make no mistake,  this is clearly stated in the Charter "should they fail through military means the next step is through negotiations", but either way "the ultimate aim is the destruction of the State of Israel". Unless or until the Palestinian leadership revoke this Charter,  anyone on the Centre to Left of the Israeli/Jewish Political spectrum who feels that negotiations for a future.  living side by side in Peace and Harmony with these people is seriously deluding himself. This "so-called" Palestinian President that my "lefty" friends like to call a "moderate" is responsible for:- 

    1) Organising and providing the funding for the Munich Massacre.

    2) Pursuing a Doctorate "equivalent"  completed in 1982 at the Patrice Lumumba University entitled "Relations between Zionism and Nazism, 1933 – 1945 or The Secret Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement". 

    At least with Hanniyeh and Meshal of Hamas you know where you stand - but with Abbas he is even more dangerous as his tailored suits disguise his real intentions and the "lefties" fall for it. It is time for a dose of reality and a wake up call!