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    Waste Of Time

    “There will be no Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty until the occupation of Jerusalem ends. We are determined to safeguard the Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech in Ramallah in a recent speech.

    This is the latest news and once again the Palestinian "President" shows his true colours. Why are we still wasting our time trying to negotiate with these people? There is no intention to compromise, there is no goodwill at all, whatever reports you read, or read between the lines, it is simply a Jewish State of Israel or a Palestinian Arab State of Palestine, there is NO room for both in the Arab mentality.

    Cyprus is the model here, the Turkish North and Cypriot South have co-existed since the invasion in the early 1970's.  There is no prospect of a United Cyprus, and as is the case with Ireland, South and North co-exist:- there is NO prospect of a United Ireland. So, The West Bank and Gaza will have to learn to live side by side with Israel, with Israel, as it is now, in control. This is the stark reality - acceptance of the Status Quo.

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