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    The Danger of the Self Hating Jew

    So, it's the 19th century "historians" that are responsible for "inventing" the Jewish people, before that there was NO "Jewish" people. Why do the broadcasters and publishers give air time and funds for such drivel? I refer to Shlomo Sands.
    Same old problem, we can deal with all our enemies, but for the biggest enemy of all, the self-hating Jewish "intellectual historian", in every generation they crawl out from under a stone. They try to deny history and archaeologicial discoveries and re-interpret the world to fit in with their own fantasies. Sackur did a good job but both Sands and Shlaim need to be debated against by experts so they can be shown up for what they are, intellectual lightweights who are distorting history for their own twisted personal reasons.
    How does this idiot, Shlaim, become a "Professor" at Oxford, and as for Sands, a "Professor" in Tel Aviv, what is going on?
    Would someone like to provide the funds and I will write a book to prove, line by line, what these two idiots have published and are spewing out in public is utter nonsense