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    Defra goes mad - and what does the UK Jewish Community leadership do?

    Defra goes mad, instigating a product labelling scheme for UK food suppliers, what does the UK Jewish Community leadership do? Nothing; as usual it is left to the "armchair" activists to try.

    Throughout the life of the current Government our community has been lead by people with no PR or media experience who believe in whispering in corridors to anyone who will listen. The sad fact is that no-one has listened.

    Any decent PR Company, and our community is blessed with a number, would tell the so-called “leaders” that the world has changed and power has shifted to the Court of Public Opinion.

    The Board of Deputies, The Jewish Leadership Council, BICOM  and others have masqueraded as the guardians of our community interests, yet in relation to Israel, they have all failed miserably.  Site the vociferous anti-Israel bordering on anti-semitic coverage in the UK media of the Gaza campaign. –And continuing daily anti-semitic rantings on the Guardian and Independent web sites. Press TV, the Iranian Governments propaganda machine was only reported to Ofcom by the “arm chair” activists – a mild rebuke has resulted – the problem is a lack of cohesion and no co-ordinated response to the daily barrage of attacks we are faced with in the UK media.

    Whilst the leadership of our community entertained the foreign secretary at dinner, the same Government betrayed Israel and the Jewish people at the UN; whilst the same leadership shared doughnuts with the Prime Minister on Monday, the same back-stabbing Government chose to introduce a discriminatory labelling scheme designed only to harm the Israeli economy.

    There are many more examples, all as obvious as the candles on the menorah.

    Any decent PR advocate will tell you that unless our voices are heard loud and clear, in the newspapers on the radio on the television, the UK Government will believe that we are compliant and accepting of what they are doing “in our name”.

    LFI and the businessmen who meddle in politics in the pretence that they are doing good, have damaged Israel and our community. Their strategy of whispering has failed and it is time for them to move aside and bring in the professional PR advocates that understand the modern media and have professional representatives that can speak eloquently and will represent the community in the public eye and give us a fighting chance to redress the imbalance.