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    Defra goes mad - and what does the UK Jewish Community leadership do?

    Defra goes mad, instigating a product labelling scheme for UK food suppliers, what does the UK Jewish Community leadership do? Nothing; as usual it is left to the "armchair" activists to try.

    Throughout the life of the current Government our community has been lead by people with no PR or media experience who believe in whispering in corridors to anyone who will listen. The sad fact is that no-one has listened.

    Any decent PR Company, and our community is blessed with a number, would tell the so-called “leaders” that the world has changed and power has shifted to the Court of Public Opinion.

    The Board of Deputies, The Jewish Leadership Council, BICOM  and others have masqueraded as the guardians of our community interests, yet in relation to Israel, they have all failed miserably.  Site the vociferous anti-Israel bordering on anti-semitic coverage in the UK media of the Gaza campaign. –And continuing daily anti-semitic rantings on the Guardian and Independent web sites. Press TV, the Iranian Governments propaganda machine was only reported to Ofcom by the “arm chair” activists – a mild rebuke has resulted – the problem is a lack of cohesion and no co-ordinated response to the daily barrage of attacks we are faced with in the UK media.

    Whilst the leadership of our community entertained the foreign secretary at dinner, the same Government betrayed Israel and the Jewish people at the UN; whilst the same leadership shared doughnuts with the Prime Minister on Monday, the same back-stabbing Government chose to introduce a discriminatory labelling scheme designed only to harm the Israeli economy.

    There are many more examples, all as obvious as the candles on the menorah.

    Any decent PR advocate will tell you that unless our voices are heard loud and clear, in the newspapers on the radio on the television, the UK Government will believe that we are compliant and accepting of what they are doing “in our name”.

    LFI and the businessmen who meddle in politics in the pretence that they are doing good, have damaged Israel and our community. Their strategy of whispering has failed and it is time for them to move aside and bring in the professional PR advocates that understand the modern media and have professional representatives that can speak eloquently and will represent the community in the public eye and give us a fighting chance to redress the imbalance.


    In support of the Zionist Federation Vice Chairman and other activists

    This recent article reproduced from the Jerusalem Post highlights the problem the Jewish Community in the UK have with the "Purported" leadership,(or lack of it!).The British and French foreign ministers, both of whom have Jewish ancestors, are now among the most vociferous European critics of Israel. This was reaffirmed by their odious "absence" from the vote on the Goldstone Report at the UN Human Rights Council.

    Under these circumstances one would expect leaders of the well-established Anglo-Jewish community to have lobbied their government in advance and made it aware of the sentiments shared by the vast majority of British Jews. However, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which "purports" to be the voice of Anglo-Jewry, procrastinated until after the UN vote. This was no surprise because Anglo-Jewish leaders have a long tradition of burying their heads in the sand, determined not to rock the boat under any circumstances.

    A few years ago, Henry Grunwald, the recently retired president of the Board of Deputies, even wrote an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post expressing pride in the effectiveness of a policy based on "whispering" rather than "shouting." That approach is reflected by public demonstrations of solidarity with the Jewish state being deferred until forced under pressure from the Jewish street; inadequately confronting anti-Semites like the former mayor of London, Lauren Booth, George Galloway and their cohorts; and insufficiently opposing those seeking to boycott and delegitimize Israel.

    Three recent disconcerting events signal that the newly elected Board of Deputies president, Vivian Wineman (a former head of the UK branches of Peace Now and the New Israel Fund) is unlikely to deviate from this craven approach.

    Robin Shepherd, a distinguished non-Jewish academic who until recently was a senior research fellow in charge of the European program of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). In 2008 Shepherd was forced to resign after having incurred the wrath of Chatham House director Robert Niblett over an article published in The Times expressing a more balanced approach to Israel. He currently serves as head of the Henry Jackson Society, and has just released a new book titled A State Beyond the Pale - Europe's Problem with Israel. It is a chilling but outstanding analysis of why Europe has turned against Israel, which I commend as essential reading for anyone engaged in Jewish advocacy. Three months ago Shepherd wrote an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post reviewing the dramatic upsurge of anti-Israeli feelings in the United Kingdom, and warned that with a partial arms embargo already in place and the British unions advocating trade and academic boycotts, "the darkness is closing in... for the Jews of Britain." He also predicted that "the prospect of increasing anti-Semitism... is only too clear." In lieu of conveying appreciation to a scholar of Shepherd's calibre for courageously exposing the hypocritical behaviour of his government toward Israel, Wineman wrote to The Jerusalem Post lambasting Shepherd as "being misguided and alarmist."

    Disregarding public opinion polls in which Israel emerges as the greatest threat to world peace, Wineman insisted that Israel bashers represented an inconsequential minority, and that the state of UK-Israel relations was no worse than other countries. This incident was a mere curtain raiser for subsequent events. At a time when Jewish communities worldwide were intensively lobbying their governments to vote against endorsing the Goldstone Report, the Board of Deputies remained passive until after Britain had shamefully "absented" itself from the vote, by which time a board statement condemning government behaviour could no longer influence policy.

    Prior to the vote, Jonathan Hoffman, a vice president of the Zionist Federation, had initiated a petition urging the British government to reject the Goldstone Report at the UN Human Rights Council. Instead of commending his initiative, the vice president of the Board of Deputies, Jerry Lewis, whose role is to "promote advocacy on behalf of the Jewish community" and who had maintained a deafening silence on the Goldstone Report, engaged in a vitriolic public outburst defaming Hoffman. He alleged that "given his position he Hoffman should be far more cognizant of the necessity of acting with common sense, and not unilaterally in ways which damage both Israel's case and beyond." 

    THE MOST bizarre act of all was yet to come. On October 19 the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) hosted a banquet to honour the retired Board of Deputies president, Henry Grunwald. The JLC is comprised primarily of wealthy individuals who contribute generously to the Jewish community and consider themselves accountable to nobody. They provide funds to operate the board, which in return is expected to toe their line. Needless to say problems arise because whereas wealth and political astuteness are not necessarily incompatible, some tycoons prove to be political buffoons. What transpired when 100 "leaders" of Anglo-Jewry assembled to express tribute to Grunwald boggles the mind. The guest of honour was none other than the British Foreign Minister David Miliband. Prior to the dinner, a board subcommittee "decided" that as this was a "social" event, the speakers must avoid "embarrassing" the foreign minister, and were prohibited from even mentioning Goldstone's name in his presence. Like disciplined soldiers, the chairman of the evening, Mick Davis, who heads the JLC executive committee and UJIA, Wineman and the other speakers all followed orders. In the presence of their foreign minister none of them made any effort toward conveying the distress of the Jewish community over the government's behaviour with respect to the Goldstone Report. Indeed, not only was a curtain of silence imposed relating to Goldstone, but aside from a few asinine remarks by Grunwald (apparently after Miliband's departure) about the visit to the UK by President Shimon Peres and Israel's 60th anniversary, Israel was not even mentioned. Miliband was thus able to inform his parliamentary colleagues that the Jewish community was not problematic and that its leaders had not only ignored the Goldstone Report but even failed to relate to Israel in any meaningful manner. 

    One is compelled to ask: How is it possible in the immediate wake of such shameful behaviour by their government that self-respecting leaders of a major Jewish community can behave in such a cowardly manner in the presence of their foreign minister? Such conduct explains why the British Jewish anti-Zionist fringe groups seem to make a greater impact on the media than the spineless communal establishment. 

    The time has surely come for British Jews to say enough is enough. They should replace these "trembling Israelites" with leaders who recognize that silence is not always golden but is sometimes just yellow, and that Jewish self-respect demands that we speak up and present a dignified viewpoint as proud Jews. The Board of Deputies, currently led by an ex-leader of the UK's Peace now movement, would have us say nothing, they are so far back "behind the scenes" to be irrelevant in today's politics, representing only themselves, like the old fashioned west end Gentleman's clubs, comfortable and secure in their own environment, more concerned about arranging their next 5* dinner than arranging a true political lobbying campaign.

    People like Hoffman who speak out and put the case in the public eye need to be supported not criticised.



    The Danger of the Self Hating Jew

    So, it's the 19th century "historians" that are responsible for "inventing" the Jewish people, before that there was NO "Jewish" people. Why do the broadcasters and publishers give air time and funds for such drivel? I refer to Shlomo Sands.
    Same old problem, we can deal with all our enemies, but for the biggest enemy of all, the self-hating Jewish "intellectual historian", in every generation they crawl out from under a stone. They try to deny history and archaeologicial discoveries and re-interpret the world to fit in with their own fantasies. Sackur did a good job but both Sands and Shlaim need to be debated against by experts so they can be shown up for what they are, intellectual lightweights who are distorting history for their own twisted personal reasons.
    How does this idiot, Shlaim, become a "Professor" at Oxford, and as for Sands, a "Professor" in Tel Aviv, what is going on?
    Would someone like to provide the funds and I will write a book to prove, line by line, what these two idiots have published and are spewing out in public is utter nonsense