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       "If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.

                                                           If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel"                                                                           email from the Baltimore Zionist Division. 

    JINewsNet-the “New Voice for pro-Jewish and pro-Israel points of view”

    Over the last few years, effective representations from Jewish communities around the world to promote Israel in a positive way and to defend its actions, have been getting progressively weaker. Whilst organisations such as the ADL in the US and the CST in the UK do a sterling job in relation to the security interests of Jewish communities, there is a distinct need for additional PR and professional pro-active campaigning, putting forward Israel’s case to the wider community in a positive light. There is also an urgent need to expose extreme fundamentalist Islamic ideologies as being abhorrent in our society and as being a significant threat to Israel's existence. We are also here to monitor and comment on the very dangerous threats from Ahmadinejad's Iran.

    In the UK,  where the Jewish Community is small, numbering under 300,000, it still has a right to have it’s voice heard. Even with the pro-Israel comment in the Jewish Chronicle and the London Jewish News as well as various websites such as Harry's Place, the present imbalance in the media needs to be redressed. JINewsNet is here to promote views that are not always politically correct, but do reflect what many people are actually thinking about.  With some 1.7 million moslems and with substantial Iranian/Arab government funding for their media channels broadcasting into UK homes via Press TV and Aljazeera,  there is a massive imbalance in fair media reporting. The Iranian state funded Press TV channel and its website are a 24/7 anti-Israel and anti-West propaganda machine, simultaneously promoting their fundamentalist agenda throgh a non-democratically elected Ahmadinejad media platform. Support of Islamic fundamentalist and anti-semitic causes is continually spilling over into the mainstream British media. For example,  The Guardian newspaper's website frequently allows all types of vitriolic and inciteful anti-semitic posts to be aired about Israel. JINewsNet stands squarely with the Israeli government in believing that hateful attacks against Israel are nothing more than anti-semitism.

    It is time for British Jews and those elsewhere in the diaspora who support Israel, to have a clear voice and platform to fight back. The Jewish Israel News Network aims to do just that and is actively campaigning in this field. We urge people to comment and to make postings to help put forward Israel's position in a positive way.

    Please support JINewsNet whether you are Jewish or not and “get your voice heard”.